Uncover your purpose and express it powerfully


You and I will work as a team to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and your needs.  From there, we identify your personal goals and the issues that are causing frustration and anxiety.  


Nowadays, unfortunately it can be unusual to be properly listened to; everyone wants to tell you that “you should do this or that”.  But real, active, listening where you are not judged is vital so you can think clearly (as well as being soothing for the soul!). 


We will work together as team to tease out issues, identify what fires you and create solutions. Our sessions together are centred on YOUR needs and can vary between being structured/strategic and fluid/creative.

"Colette is insightful and thoughtful, and does a great job of really listening and then empowering you to find solutions to move forward."

Female 31, Corporate Lawyer

Alongside my 18 years in Communications and Strategy, I am a fully qualified life coach with a Masters in Social & Cognitive Psychology from University College London 

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